Starting a new

May 29th, 2008

This site originally started out as a portfolio to help me get started in the web development career, which has helped me get to where I am now, I want it to make a site to help novice programmers get started and motivated writing websites using PHP and games with Flash (my personal 2 favorite languages). I am by no means an expert with programming, I don’t know all the technical terms to programming or all the functions and classes available for the languages I know. But I am very experienced with programming websites (both small and large scale), thinking of work-around ideas, problem shooting, and developing small Flash games that are more addicting than they appear (when I make Flash games, I focus on the game play and functionality – I don’t focus on graphics – that takes too much time).

With that said, I hope you find something useful for your projects, little or big. I am sure I will provide several programming ideas, or an interesting way of doing so, or an intriguing work-around, that could help you, but I can not guarantee it. Every programmer writes code completely different from one another even if taught or trained by an expert. And every programmer learns at a different pace even if the code is a couple of lines or hundreds of lines.


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