Presenting Emerald and Apologizes

July 30th, 2008

Emerald CMS is no longer, sorry

First off, let me start with my apologizes for everyone not being able to post a reply or send in a request. I didn’t notice when someone tried to do either of the two that they were actually being sent to PayPal instead. This mistake was fix with the help from Shaun emailing me directly to notify me of the issue. I don’t want anyone to pay me to reply to a post or send in a tutorial request, I greatly appreciate any comments. That “Pay Me” button is for donations and clients only.

Again, sorry for that. So please fill free to reply or request away.

Now on to Emerarld CMS.

Emerald CMS at this point in time isn’t a CMS. As of now, its several files which you could download at look through, and its based of one of my recent tutorials, Basic File Structure, at the mean time. What I imagine Emerald to be, is not just an opened source CMS, but an open minded CMS where developers can share their ideas, advice, thoughts, opinions, code, and help into making it a CMS which they feel comfortable to use for their client work. I hope the programmers look toward the Emerald CMS as a kick start for their work to get all their sites going at first and only make a few adjustments to fit their, or clients, needs. I also imagine it being used by non-code heads for their shopping cart site, or a large message forum, or schedule management, etc.

Again, these are just my visions with Emerald, I am not set on it being one or the other or both. Right now, I do hope it turns out to be useful for both coders and non-coders.

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