Happy Birthday to me and everyone else out there

September 27th, 2008

Today is my birthday, and that is all this post is about – its just an fyi for everyone out there.

I am still programming like crazy the past couple of weeks with Flash and PHP, brainstorming on an story for an exciting RPG game (which I am currently partnered with Dhryn, who’s site is still in the works), designing the graphics, etc. So I have been keeping busy but will share the next steps in the RPG game development shortly when things begin to settle a bit.

Anyways, the other day I had a spare minute to play with Papervision3D and come up with a “possible” 3D isometric game in the future… hopefully not to far off future. Here is a quick demo with some ugly looking graphics (sorry I didn’t have too much time to polish – but you should get the idea):

Use W, A, S, D keys to move

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The End of Emerald, the Beginning of CodeIgniter

September 9th, 2008

Last week I had some hard thoughts about dumping Emerald CMS off of my to do list until today. Today I woke up and realized, “I am done working on Emerald” and decided to close off its resources. The purpose behind Emerald was to make a frame work ready to go for web developers (possibly non-web developers) to create sites and pages with very little time and effort. Just how Word Press is quick and easy to setting up a quick blogging site for anyone, I wanted Emerald to be like so – but not just for blogging – and with only a couple of clicks it could set up a who e-commerce site (it was no where near completion, however). But such a vast project couldn’t be done alone so I didn’t to open source Emerald hoping to get contributors. Also, I didn’t know of any frame works out there that used PHP and MySQL that were any good AND had a very good documentation. When coding under some other team built code, its extremely important to have a documentation so the new coder to the engine doesn’t feel lost. A lot of the times programmers will just turn away from the site immediately if a documentation isn’t well written or provided. Like me.

The whole cold hard truth for me stopping development behind Emerald CMS is because of a frame work called CodeIgniter. To simple put it, this frame work is fantastic. It was built with knowing that other programmers will be using this and the programmers most commonly used features when building sites for theirs or their clients needs. Just last week I downloaded the source and read the documentation and rebuilt the entire Zumspiel site over this past weekend… which took me about a month to develop prior.

So from one month to a weekends worth of programming, I was sold.

The documentation is very clear as it provides a thorough description and code example for all methods, classes, and global functions of what it will return or do, etc. It has all of the most commonly used features when developing a site, and there some nice plugins and libraries to help you develop that next big e-commerce site of yours.

Anyways, Google it your self and read up on the reviews for CodeIgniter. I promise you will find that they will all give positive reviews and very useful libraries and classes.

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Personal Accomplishment

September 5th, 2008

Last month I signed up for a site called FlashGameLicense.com. This site is for flash developers wanting to sell their game to get sponsored, and flash sponsors looking for the next hot flash game to host on their site. If you are either a flash developer or sponsor, I highly suggest this site to help you get started in the direction you are wanting to take.

Anyways, I signed up because I wanted to sell my most recent flash game “Astrolander”. It took a while, but about two weeks after posting the game, I was approached by the sponsor ArcadeBomb who was highly interested in my game. I made several adjustments to the game to polish it up for them, and they paid a pretty penny and so I sold them the game. This is my first game sold to a sponsor (pats self on back :) and hoping to sell a couple more in near future.

You can find the Astrolander game here

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