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September 5th, 2008

Last month I signed up for a site called This site is for flash developers wanting to sell their game to get sponsored, and flash sponsors looking for the next hot flash game to host on their site. If you are either a flash developer or sponsor, I highly suggest this site to help you get started in the direction you are wanting to take.

Anyways, I signed up because I wanted to sell my most recent flash game “Astrolander”. It took a while, but about two weeks after posting the game, I was approached by the sponsor ArcadeBomb who was highly interested in my game. I made several adjustments to the game to polish it up for them, and they paid a pretty penny and so I sold them the game. This is my first game sold to a sponsor (pats self on back :) and hoping to sell a couple more in near future.

You can find the Astrolander game here

Ok, now let me explain a little bit about Again, its for developers to sell games and sponsors to buy games. Its a way to allow the two sides of flash game development to meet one another. When I was signing up on, I was a bit worried about posting my game because of who would take my flash game idea, or who would steal it, etc. But to be honest, I lost that fear right after signing up because of the safe confidence that the site suggested when posting a game. Firstly, encrypt your game. Head over to Amayeta and download a free trial version of their SWF encrypt. This helps SWF decompilers like SoThink not read the data/code/script inside the SWF file. Just recently, has announced that they teamed up with Kindisoft to encrypt your flash game for free upon submission. I haven’t tried this feature and its in beta stages right now, but it looks promising. Secondly, you can also “site-lock” your game. This is simple script you write in your Actionscript code to check whether or the not the URL matches the site you want the flash game to run on; and if the game isn’t running on the site you want it to run on, you can simply relocate the user to another site or stop running the game all together.

One last thing to mention about, is their wonderful feature called “First Impressions” – but it isn’t free however. To use this feature, you pay $5, $10, $20 or $50, to have their game testers play your game. Depending on how much you pay depends on how many game testers play your game – so the more you pay the more they play. Why and how is this good?! Well, if you are like me and don’t have about 10+ friends who play flash games, its a golden opportunity to have game testers play your game and give you feedback. When I tried this service out, I thought to my self, “This is a great game, and I bet the game testers will give me positive feedback, blah, blah”. But I was completely wrong. Half of my reviews were complaints and bad scores and suggestions on “what is going on in this game” and “how do I land the ship” and “the controls are awkward”, etc. Of course when trying to sell a flash game to a sponsor, you want to make your game as professional as it can be, and if half of my game testers complained I was sure there would be no sponsors interested. In the end, I took the game testers advice and made the revisions and adjustments and it turned out to be a pretty damn good flash game. Again, ArcadeBomb saw it and found interest and paid me for sponsorship.

To check out more on First Impressions, you can read about it here.


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