Launch of Zumspiel (to play)

November 5th, 2008

The past month I have been hard at work trying to polish my first, and hope to be big, flash portal site. It is called Zumspiel. In German it means “to play”. I am not from German or nor have I ever been there, but I decided to use this name because every American word I could think of related with flash games was taken. The site was launched last week and since then more than 8 developers have posted their games for a total of +30 games so far. Not bad for the first week.

The site can be found here: Zumspiel (to play)

The site is completely free of use to play games, but only to play games. When registering, which is also free, you can do any of the following:

• Rate Games
• Comment on Games
• Save your Favorite Games
• Add Friends to your Favorite Friends list
• Create Threads and Post in the Forum (with a wysiwyg editor)
• Create and Customize your Avatar
• Make your own Avatar parts for everyone to see and use (planned)
• Submit your Game
• Submitted Games receive 25% of the ad revenue (50% complete)
• Use Zumspiels API to submit high scores, allow users to earn emblems, etc (planned)
• Again, all for FREE

I am open for any other suggestions, features, known bugs, concerns, wants/needs, demands, etc. If there is something you would like to see down, there is a very strong chance I can do it – or I will find a way to do it ;)


2 Responses to “Launch of Zumspiel (to play)”

  1. Uli Says:


    nice site, I specifically like your AS 3 tutorials. Just wanted to let you know that “Zumspiel” translates more like “to the game”. “To Play” would be “zumSpielen”.

  2. Gregory Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, and you are right. But to be honest, “Zumspiel” meant “to play” when I used babelfish and my Macs translate widget at the time (about 3, maybe 4, years ago).

    But you are the first of the many to come messages on this topic I assume, haha. I feel like changing Zumspiel (to play) to Zumspiel (to the game), but it just doesn’t fit right. And some domain broker bought Zumspielen before I could…. darn.

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