PHP Framework, and CMS… in the works

September 22nd, 2009

I have been working on a PHP framework of my own this past couple of weeks, and I would like to share it with everyone, once I have it more completed. Its highly based of the popular CodeIgniter framework, but scaled down in file size, memory usage, and its easier to find your way around the core to manipulate or change it if you please. It also allows you to the global $_GET variable. Something that annoyed the hell out of me when using CodeIgniter.

While I am developing the PHP framework, I am developing a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS I am developing was inspired by WolfCMS, which used to be FrogCMS (which is no longer in development), and TangoCMS… and myself. I am getting tired of writing code from scratch. I would say at least 60% of the code I use to write is the same from one client to the next, so the CMS I am developing will cut all that time to zero, because it will be already written and ready to go.

So far my CMS is not quite up to par with either of the CMS’s I mentioned, but it will be. Now thinking about it, the PHP framework I have doesn’t quite have all the classes as CodeIgniter either, but it has the same structure of it.

In a couple of weeks I would like to share with you my framework when its ready, and a sample demo of the CMS I am working on.

Just thought to share that with everyone, to let everyone know I am still here ;)