Presenting Emerald and Apologizes

July 30th, 2008

Emerald CMS is no longer, sorry

First off, let me start with my apologizes for everyone not being able to post a reply or send in a request. I didn’t notice when someone tried to do either of the two that they were actually being sent to PayPal instead. This mistake was fix with the help from Shaun emailing me directly to notify me of the issue. I don’t want anyone to pay me to reply to a post or send in a tutorial request, I greatly appreciate any comments. That “Pay Me” button is for donations and clients only.

Again, sorry for that. So please fill free to reply or request away.

Now on to Emerarld CMS.

Emerald CMS at this point in time isn’t a CMS. As of now, its several files which you could download at look through, and its based of one of my recent tutorials, Basic File Structure, at the mean time. What I imagine Emerald to be, is not just an opened source CMS, but an open minded CMS where developers can share their ideas, advice, thoughts, opinions, code, and help into making it a CMS which they feel comfortable to use for their client work. I hope the programmers look toward the Emerald CMS as a kick start for their work to get all their sites going at first and only make a few adjustments to fit their, or clients, needs. I also imagine it being used by non-code heads for their shopping cart site, or a large message forum, or schedule management, etc.

Again, these are just my visions with Emerald, I am not set on it being one or the other or both. Right now, I do hope it turns out to be useful for both coders and non-coders.

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What is Zumspiel (to play)

July 15th, 2008

I have several projects under wraps right now that have been keeping me a little tied down, some projects are for clients and others are of my own, one of which is called: Zumspiel (to play). This is a future flash game portal website which functions and works very similar to and, two sites which motivated me to create Zumspiel.

With Zumspiel, you can be a small or large, individual or team based, flash game developer(s) and post games for everyone “to play” (that is what Zumspiel stands for), to vote, and to leave comments. Signing up with Zumspiel is free, and always will be. When signed up, you may post games and change your avatar to be an image of your company. Those who don’t upload an image may select a cool looking avatar from the default provided. You may add friends (other gamers who have signed up) and favorite flash games to your profile. Also, There are also several other little, yet exciting and fun, features that gamers can do when they sign up, but I am keeping those surprises under wraps until it finally ready.

Zumspiel right now is in beta stage and those who are wanting to test the site will have to ask, nicely. The reason I say beta stage, and to ask nicely, is because there is still a lot content and planned pages that are not developed, Terms and Conditions page (yuck), FAQs, Forums, etc. I would love to have you play around the site and give me your thoughts and comments or suggestions or any unknown bugs.

I REALLY want to make this site for flash gamers by hearing their needs, while keeping this a place for flash developers to be excited and motivated to post their games for the hungry flash gamers.

Please send me your email in a non-linkable format (example, myemail [at] mysite [.] com ), and I will send you the password to view the beta version of Zumspiel (to play). I will also remove your email from the comments section immediately.


The Next Big 3D Engine

June 7th, 2008

Just last week, a company from Russia called “Alternativa” released a 3D engine developed in Flash using the new Actionscript language, Actionscript 3. This 3D engine packs a powerful punch for what is capable of doing. To name a few: dynamic lighting and shadows, bum mapping, parallax mapping, automatic UV-mapping, sprite lighting, texture objects, animation system, 3D-objects interactivity, and many more. Tracking back as far as their blog lets me, the company and team have worked on this engine for over 2 years, and it currently on version 5.0.1. Very impressive if you ask me.

Well I downloaded the files to see what magic I can do. The files come in a SWC format to prevent you from peeking around in their code. Also with SWC, you need to manually place the files in the Configuration/Components directory of where you have Flash installed on your computer. After restarting Flash, I opened the Components tab and placed the packages in my Library, created a new Actionscript file, and got to work on some fun 3D stuff. Moving from 2D to 3D takes a little more thinking power, but it was a whole lot of fun doing so! Anyways, enough boring talk, let me show you what I accomplished over the past of days:

A – move left
D – move right
W – move forward
S – move backward
SPACE – jump
MOUSE – click and drag to look around

Its a small city with random color building blocks and cones. I also made sidewalks to give it a more city feeling ;). Not too much to show, I know, but again, its a new 3D engine that just came out so there is much to learn.

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Starting a new

May 29th, 2008

This site originally started out as a portfolio to help me get started in the web development career, which has helped me get to where I am now, I want it to make a site to help novice programmers get started and motivated writing websites using PHP and games with Flash (my personal 2 favorite languages). I am by no means an expert with programming, I don’t know all the technical terms to programming or all the functions and classes available for the languages I know. But I am very experienced with programming websites (both small and large scale), thinking of work-around ideas, problem shooting, and developing small Flash games that are more addicting than they appear (when I make Flash games, I focus on the game play and functionality – I don’t focus on graphics – that takes too much time).

With that said, I hope you find something useful for your projects, little or big. I am sure I will provide several programming ideas, or an interesting way of doing so, or an intriguing work-around, that could help you, but I can not guarantee it. Every programmer writes code completely different from one another even if taught or trained by an expert. And every programmer learns at a different pace even if the code is a couple of lines or hundreds of lines.