May 31st, 2008

DomReady has been starting to become all the craze lately with the language Javascript to use for HTML pages. But what is it? DomReady allows you manipulate with all the elements on the HTML page before the entire page loads. What use can this be if you can just use window.onload instead? Well, imagine a large site like, or, which have a lot of flashy banner ads and images to load. My guess for the entire page to load can take ~10 seconds, assuming we are on a fast connection speed to the Internet, respectively. That isn’t bad, most of us can wait 10 seconds for a page to load if it’s our favorite site to visit. But for some users who don’t have a high speed Internet, they will have to wait a lot longer for the page to load, and therefore the Javascript window.onload function won’t be executed until it takes it sweet time to load.

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