May 30th, 2008

Writing tutorials and code examples are fun… but what subject should I cover? What do you want to know and understand? Please post a request for me to know what tutorial you are wanting to understand or to know how to do. I will try my best to help you out. This is what I have on my to do list:

1. Smash Cam Class
2. RPG Hero Movement
3. Astrolander
4. Ball Dodger
5. Basic File Structure
6. RPG Item Inventory
7. RPG Attacking
8. Launch Zumspiel (to play)
9. Present Emerald CMS
10. RPG Experience
11. RPG Item Gathering
12. RPG Banking
13. Develop, Present, and Demonstrate BluePrint
14. RPG NPC Interaction
15. RPG Inventory (equip items, use items, etc)
16. Develop, Present, and Demonstrate GOOPAnalytics
17. Other…? (Request something in the form below, I will try to get to it)

7 Responses to “Request”

  1. Chris Palmer Says:

    RPG Banking, RPG Item gathering, RPG Exp

  2. Shaun Warren Says:

    RPG Advanced Inventory with equipable items, RPG NPC interaction (Talking to them and shopping), RPG Attacking and RPG EXP

  3. Sean Filbert Says:

    good idea Shaun.. Greg Will ya give us another AS3 tutorial RPG…..since it’s long time you dont post another AS3 tutorial RPG. thx. sory for my bad english…

  4. Gregory Says:

    Hey Sean, and everyone…. apologizes on not posting another AS3 RPG tutorial… I have been getting busier than expected and its not easier to find as much time to write another tutorial (though I should have time this weekend to work something up :)

    Also, I am going to share with everyone my most recent and most worked on project, GOOP JS. Its a javascript framework very similar to MooTools and JQuery, but with a LOT less lines of code and easier to follow and understand. I spent the weekend to develop it, a couple months ago, but have worked with it on several client projects and implemented some really features since then to help web development go a lot smoother and quicker. Its just hard writing a doc for it :/

  5. Luffy Says:

    hi, i have a request. :)

    rpg with a health bar


    rpg with a mana bar with spells(like fireball).

    character stats (strength, vitality, dexterity, stamina{running})
    character attack with weapon
    character equip weapons and armor

    also maybe a 3d rpg game

  6. Luffy Says:

    hi, i have one more… :)

    rpg game

    where ever you click with the mouse the hero moves there.

    i want to use the mouse to move the hero

    thanks so much

  7. chris Says:

    displaying conversation between player and npc? i heard you need to use xml but not sure how this is done… (bytheway, this blog is fabulous! thank you so much for the wonderful contents!)

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